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Operation Graduate vs. Grantham University

  Going back to college as an adult is a big decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration. Many working adults choose to attend online university so they can attend college with their busy schedules. If you’re considering attending Grantham University, here’s everything you should consider when making this important decision. What is […]

5 Powerful Reasons to Get a Bachelor’s Degree

Getting a bachelor’s degree is a dream for many adults, but it can be hard to find the motivation to actually go to school. You may be thinking to yourself, “Is getting a degree even worth it?” Well, almost 40% of adults in the U.S. aged 25 and up have at least a bachelor’s degree. […]

Operation Graduate vs. Capella University

Going back to college as an adult is a big decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration. For example, what program should I study? What kind of degree should I get? And, most importantly, what college should I attend? Many working adults choose to attend online university so they balance their academics with […]

What is Operation Graduate?

Operation Graduate is dedicated to helping adult students earn their degrees. We help you find the right school, provide one-on-one guidance, and ensure that you have the tools you need to succeed and complete your degree. Operation Graduate is great for adults who want to earn their college degree, but may not know where to […]

9 Best Employee Benefits 2022

What are employee benefits? Employee benefits are non-monetary forms of compensation offered to employees by an employer—also called “fringe benefits”. These benefits are offered in addition to an employee’s salary or wage. Offering employee benefits is also an important part of retaining and attracting employees. Today, employee benefits are widely expected by employees. Employees need […]

Top In Demand College Majors for Adult Students 2022

Going back to school can be difficult, especially when you’re an adult juggling other responsibilities, such as a job, kids, and family commitments. One of the biggest decisions about going to college as an adult is picking a field of study. Many students commonly choose majors that commonly align with their interests and hobbies, but […]

How to Retain Superstar Employees

Every business owner understands the importance of retaining employees. Retention has been shown to reduce turnover rates and onboarding costs, increase productivity, improve revenue and ROI, and even help to improve company culture.  It is especially important to keep “superstar” employees who are motivated and go above and beyond. Because retention is so crucial to […]

How to Create a Positive Work Environment

Creating a positive work environment is vital to a business’ success. When employees work somewhere they can be comfortable and confident in their work, they are more productive and more engaged. It’s hard to describe what exactly defines a positive workplace, as it will look different to every organization. However, in general, a positive work […]

5 Powerful Ways to Retain Employees in 2022

With trends like quiet quitting on the rise and the Great Resignation still in effect, it is becoming more and more difficult to retain employees. Constantly hiring and firing employees is extremely costly, and takes away from your time that you could be using to improve your business.  Furthermore, it can be frustrating when a […]

How to Prevent Workplace Burnout

Workplace burnout is an idea that has been affecting employees for a very long time. Chances are you’ve met someone experiencing burnout at work before. Maybe you’ve experienced it yourself, but never knew how common it was among employees. Deloitte’s external marketplace survey of 1,000 full-time US professionals show that 77% of respondents say they […]

What is Quiet Quitting? And How to Prevent It

  If you’ve been on the internet lately, you’ve probably heard of a new trend emerging in the work environment. Quiet quitting–the idea that employees are no longer going above and beyond at work and are only meeting their job description– is a term that has been going viral recently on social media. This concept […]

Tuition Reimbursement Checklist for Employers

As college tuition rates continue to rise, more people are struggling to afford the cost of college tuition. This is part of the reason why thousands of employers are implementing tuition reimbursement programs as an employee benefit.  If your organization is considering joining over 56% of employers offering this benefit, is it important to make […]

What’s the difference between tuition reimbursement and tuition assistance?

Employer-provided education benefits are becoming a staple to many people’s job requirements. These benefits are highly beneficial for both employers and employees seeking higher education. Data reveals that 80% of employers are interested in going to school while working. Furthermore, 76% of employees said that they are more likely to stay with their employer because […]

7 Fun Ways to Motivate Employees

Having motivated employees is one of the most valuable assets a business can have. When employees are motivated, they are excited to come to work everyday and accomplish goals. It is especially necessary to know how to motivate employees as a manager, as it can have a direct impact on your organization’s success. Motivated employees […]

The Ultimate Guide to Small Business Tuition Reimbursement 2022

Offering a small business tuition reimbursement program for employees is becoming increasingly popular among employers. When job searching, there are a number of things that candidates look for, ranging from salary to benefits. In today’s growing job market, it is not enough to offer great pay. Educational reimbursement benefits are becoming a staple requirement to […]

5 Ways to Reduce Your Employee Turnover Rate

Employee turnover rate is something that every business owner and HR professional will experience in their career. When employee turnover rates are high, it creates costly problems for your business. It can be time-consuming and expensive to hire and train new employees. This is why it is important to understand what causes turnover, and how […]

6 Ways to Increase Employee Engagement

Employee engagement is a crucial part of a successful business. Engaging team members in an organization requires leadership and a deep understanding of the operations of a workplace. This includes measuring how engaged employees are and how that may be affecting their work. It is the responsibility of managers and those in leadership roles to […]

5 Reasons to Offer a Tuition Reimbursement Program

The goal of attending higher education is becoming more and more common in today’s professional world. With a competitive job market and higher tuition rates, however, many workers find it difficult to carry the financial burden that often comes with college or university. A recent study by EdAssist found that 84% of employees said tuition […]

What are the requirements of an education assistance program?

An education assistance program is a great way to offer education benefits to employees. Employer tuition assistance programs have proven effective in attracting and retaining employees, as well as creating a more educated workforce. When establishing an employer tuition reimbursement program, it is important to understand its requirements. What is employer-provided educational assistance? An education […]

How To Establish a Tuition Reimbursement Program

In today’s job market, candidates are seeking out job opportunities that have a wide range of benefits and growth potential. As a company, it is important to hire employees who are motivated to work and likely to remain loyal to your organization. One of the most effective ways to ensure employee retention is by establishing […]

Education Benefit Program: 5 Best Practices When Designing Yours

As the job market continues to grow, employers are looking for ways to effectively attract and retain employees. Employee benefit programs, such as health care and retirement plans, have been a traditional way to attract employees. Now, candidates are seeking out jobs that offer a wide range of educational benefits.  One of the best ways […]

How Tuition Reimbursement Helps Retain Employees (without breaking the bank)

Lets connect on LinkedIn I often get asked by small business owners “Will tuition reimbursement really help my business?”. It’s usually followed by another question like “What’s this going to cost me?” I usually follow up those question from owners with one of my own, “On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being […]

Ask Operation Graduate: How to Win Employees and Keep Them Around

It is no wonder that employee retention is a buzz phrase now – after all, with the great resignation in full swing and the shifting dynamics between the employer and employee post-pandemic, keeping the right people on board once you have found them is top of mind. It is a conversation that is well worth […]

Ask Operation Graduate – Benefits of Company Happy Hours

Happy Hour! It can be the most anticipated time of the day when drinks are discounted, and the workday is winding down. Organizing company happy hours can have benefits that go beyond the traditional after work gathering. Team Building Company organized happy hours allow for the participation of all employees, thereby providing a space for […]

Ask Operation Graduate – how tuition reimbursement benefits employers?

Employers across the country are facing hiring challenges and even though life may seem like it is getting back to normal, employers must find ways to attract employees and keep them. Perhaps one advice given to prospective employees should be look beyond the salary – does your comprehensive benefits package include an employer tuition reimbursement […]

What Does Operation Graduate Do For Businesses

Operation Graduate brings education assistance as an employee benefit to companies at no cost. Companies can reduce turnover, lower absenteeism, and drive higher rates of promotion. We help employees find high quality degree programs that are cost effective, convenient, and career oriented though our network of nonprofit university partners. We even provide scholarships to make […]