Benefits of Company Happy Hours

Happy Hour! It can be the most anticipated time of the day when drinks are discounted, and the workday is winding down. Organizing company happy hours can have benefits that go beyond the traditional after work gathering.

Team Building

Company organized happy hours allow for the participation of all employees, thereby providing a space for the participation of all employees to collaborate and share. This opportune time gives employees a chance to learn about each other outside of the demands of reports, tasks, and deadlines.

Company Culture

The pandemic has impacted the way people view their work. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance has emerged as a priority for many. Companies that host regular happy hours demonstrate to their employees that they value the importance of fostering collaboration and building company culture. Student Success and Research Manager, George Rohde explains, “Employees like to feel valued, but more importantly, they like to feel individualized and appreciated for the work that they are doing. Company Happy Hours support this.”

Job Performance

Employees can look forward to coming into work when they are enthusiastic about their work. Employees who have a high moral in the workplace tend to be more engaged and ultimately, more productive. George has recognized within his own colleagues that they are more open with each other and eager to generate new ideas.

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