How to Win Employees and Keep Them Around

It is no wonder that employee retention is a buzz phrase now – after all, with the great resignation in full swing and the shifting dynamics between the employer and employee post-pandemic, keeping the right people on board once you have found them is top of mind. It is a conversation that is well worth having at the beginning because by the end, it is often too late.”

Having a sense of community is the key to ensuring that employees feel that they are a part of something bigger than themselves. This starts from day one. An organized, well prepared onboarding and training program can help new hires feel welcome and this process fills a valuable role in the company.

Open communication is key and when expectations are clear, employees feel safe. Transparency must come from the top. George Rohde, Student Success and Research Manager, explains, “When employees are made part of decisions and understand the reasoning behind the decisions made, employees are more likely to be invested in the outcomes. You must create attainable wins for everyone. If you do not, employees will lose interest and begin looking elsewhere.”

You must ask yourself as an employer, “What can I do to ensure that my employees are fulfilled?” The answer – growth opportunities.

What better way to ensure your employees are fulfilled than to facilitate the growth of their skills and encourage them to apply these skills to their work? This is a fantastic opportunity for employees to share their individual skills and learn amongst their team members what skills each team player brings to the table.

If you want to win employees and keep them, respect them. If employers can both understand and act upon the human nature of their employees, a mutual respect can be formed. People want to feel supported in the workplace and want to invest their time and their futures with a company that believes in them.

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