What Can You Do with a Business Degree?

According to Forbes, business is the most popular college major, and therefore, the most common college degree. It’s estimated that nearly 1 in 5 degrees obtained are business-related. 

Because business is a common field of study, there are many jobs you can get with a business degree. There are also many different industries you can work in with a bachelor’s degree in business.

Why earn a business degree?

There are a few reasons why someone may choose to earn a business degree. According to a report from the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 80% of the top in-demand degrees are business-related, such as accounting, marketing, and business management.

A high salary is a priority for many students studying business. The average salary for business graduates is $69,000, according to PayScale. That’s about $18,000 more than the average salary for a bachelor’s degree holder ($51,881).

Additionally, having a business degree equips you with other transferable skills, such as communication skills, interpersonal skills, and critical thinking.

What do business students study?

While earning a business degree, business majors learn theories such as finance, marketing, advertising, and administration. There are several concentrations you may choose to study in the field of business, including:

  • Finance: the study or management of money and currency
  • Accounting: the process of tracking and recording financial transactions for a company or individual
  • Marketing: the process of promoting and selling products or services 
  • Human resources: the department of an organization that deals with recruiting, hiring, and screening job applicants and managing employee benefits
  • Public administration: the sector od business that leads and serves the public, government, and nonprofit organizations

Many careers in business only require bachelor’s degrees, but some choose to further their education by earning a masters degree. If you’re going back to school, or considering majoring in business, it’s good practice to know what to expect as far as jobs go after graduation. Here’s a list of just a few careers you can have with an undergraduate degree in business.

Human resource professionals are responsible for hiring and maintaining employees as well. Human resource specialists are vital to well-run businesses. They are usually also responsible for employee training, payroll, and benefits as well as general employee relations.  It’s estimated that HR specialist roles will grow by 8% by 2031.

Median salary: $62,290

Advertising, promotions, and marketing managers plan and execute campaigns to generate public interest in a company’s products or services. Additionally, Some marketing managers may be employed by a business itself, but many are employed by advertising agencies. Roles for marketing managers are expected to grow 10%.

Median salary $127,150

Financial managers develop financial reports and long-term financial goals of organizations. They can work in a few different environments, such as investment firms, insurance companies, and banks. The career outlook is expected to grow by 17% by 2031.

Median salary: $131,710

Accountants prepare, analyze, and maintain financial records for a business or organization. They may also be hired by an individual to interpret his or her finances as well. Accountants can also be hired by accounting firms. Many accountants not only have at least a bachelor’s degree, but a CPA (certified public accountant) certification as well. Employment of accountants is expected to grow 6%.

Median salary: $77,250

Sales managers direct and manage an organization’s sales team. They do this by setting goals and developing strategies for achieving those goals. Sales managers are also usually responsible for training and recruiting new members of their sales team. A projected 5% growth is expected in this role by 2023.

Median salary: $127,490

Research analysts study consumer preferences and behaviors to assist in potential sales of a product or service. Through market research, they help companies understand what consumers want to buy.  Research analysis roles may grow by 19% by 2031.

Median salary: $63,920

Financial analysts study a business’ or individual’s expenses and finances and guide them on how to attain profit and manage their money. Financial analyst roles will grow by 9%.

Median salary: $95,570

There are many things you can do career-wise with a bachelor’s degree in business. Depending on the type and level of degree you achieve, there could be hundreds of additional job opportunities in the business industry. Call one of Operation Graduate’s Graduation Specialists to get started.