How much time and money can we save you?

We help you choose a school and a program from our network. We have the expertise to turn prior college courses, professional learning, and on-the job experience into academic credit. We show you how college can be affordable. We provide you a scholarship. We support you from application to graduation. We can save you tens of thousands of dollars.

We help you make better decisions to successfully complete your college degree.

Why a degree?

Studies show that those who have a bachelor’s degree earn almost twice as much more income versus those who only have a high school diploma.

A degree makes all the difference. Increase your earning potential and your marketability. (1)

A bachelor’s degree can earn you 52% more weekly, which adds up to over $20,000 annually, versus those with “some college, no degree” (1)

The wage difference between a bachelor’s degree and some college is substantial. You forgo over $100,000 in income over a 5-year period.

95 million Americans, ages 24-65, do not have a bachelor’s degree (2), making it harder to compete in today’s workforce.

How it works

We take a complex process and make it simple. You may have questions, such as how do I choose a school, what major is right for me, how will my credits transfer, how will I pay, how will I have time? We help you with all these questions and more! Here is how:

Call a Graduation Specialist
(844) 674.7232

Take part in a “get-to-know you” complimentary assessment

Review our recommendation of a school and program

Work with us from application to graduation

Operation Graduate makes it easy.

Call (844) 674.7232

Are you eligible?

YES! Every student we work with is eligible for a $2,000 Operation Graduate Persistence Scholarship.


As a student in the Operation Graduate program, if you meet certain criteria for credits and GPA, you are eligible for a scholarship.


If you want to increase the amount of your scholarship, you can get your company or association to partner with us. We bring our education assistance benefit to all the employees or members, respectively, and increase our scholarship amount to $3,000.


If your company partners with Operation Graduate and matches our scholarship, we increase our scholarship to as much as $4,000. With your company match, you and your co-workers could have as much as $8,000 to use toward earning a degree.

You can start today!

Operation Graduate makes it easy. Call (844) 674.7232 today.

1) US Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics
2) Chronicle of Higher Education