Don’t Know What to Major in? Here’s What To Do

When you enroll in college, one of the first things you decide is what to study, or what to major in. However, if you don’t know what to major in, it can feel like a huge roadblock in your college career. This is a decision that will impact your college experience and have an effect on your future career. Colleges often have hundreds of major programs to choose from, so the choice can be overwhelming for a lot of students, especially those who aren’t sure what to study. Fortunately for these students, there are options. Use this guide as a resource if you’re not sure what to major in in college.

  • Talk to your academic advisor

If you don’t know what to major in, you can always ask your academic advisor for guidance. Tell them that you’re having trouble choosing a major, and they can work with you to choose a major that is right for you. Your academic advisor will be able to answer questions you may have about your time in college and what majoring in a certain subject would look like for you.

  • Asses your goals

When enrolling in college, it is important to know why you decided to attend in the first place. Oftentimes, this reason can lead you to an area of study that will align with your goals. Consider things like salary, work environment, career advancement, etc. Think about if you’d rather have a high-salaried career, or a career you are passionate about. These kinds of factors are extremely important when it comes to picking a field of study. 

  • Think about what interests you

Many people choose a college major based on their personal interests. This can be hobbies, volunteer work, your values and goals, etc. If your interests include reading and writing, for example, you may want to consider majoring in a subject that would pertain to that interest, such as English. Many students find that when they are interested in what they are studying, they are self-motivated and excited to attend class and do homework. So, deciding your major based on your own personal interests is a great place to start. 

  • Go undeclared and decide later

You don’t always have to have a dedicated college major when you first begin college. In fact, many people choose to go into college with an undeclared major so they can have more time to decide what they want to study. This allows students to complete their general education such as mathematics, English, science, etc., while they decide what to major in. When you do decide your major, you can then begin taking classes in that field.

  • Do your research

Consider researching different kinds of careers, and make a note of anything that interests you. You should research things like the work environment and education requirements for any career you are considering pursuing. When you decide on a career path you want to pursue, work with your academic advisor to develop an academic plan specifically for you.


Choosing a subject to focus on throughout your 4 years in college isn’t as easy as it may seem. But if you do some research to figure out what interests you and what your goals for the future are, you can find a major that will help you get on track to your career path.