5 Powerful Reasons to Get a Bachelor’s Degree

Getting a bachelor’s degree is a dream for many adults, but it can be hard to find the motivation to actually go to school. You may be thinking to yourself, “Is getting a degree even worth it?” Well, almost 40% of adults in the U.S. aged 25 and up have at least a bachelor’s degree. There’s a reason why these millions of people have spent their time and money earning a degree–it’s a highly valuable asset that can change your life. Here are just some of the many reasons why people choose to get a bachelor’s degree.

Earn more money

Having a degree is one of the best ways you can earn more money throughout your career. According to data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, people with bachelor’s degrees earn $399 more, on average, per week than those without bachelor’s degrees. That’s $20,748 more earnings per year. That’s a lot of money you could be missing out on without a bachelor’s degree.

Pursue your passion

When you have a specialized education, you’re able to pursue a passion you may not have been able to pursue before you had a degree. Going to college will give you the skills you need in order to be qualified for your potential dream job! Many people enroll in college for this reason alone. 

Obtain new skills

Getting a bachelor’s degree in any field will enhance your skill set. You’ll enrich yourself by developing skills such as critical thinking, work ethic, time management, communication skills, and so much more. These skills are extremely valuable not only in the workplace, but in life in general as well. 

New career opportunities

It’s a misconception that you have to stay in the career you chose to study in college. Having a college degree shows employers that you have a specific knowledge set that not everyone has–and that can qualify you for thousands of jobs, perhaps ones you didn’t even know you wanted. This allows you to have freedom and control over your career which is a highly desirable concept in today’s competitive job market.

Personal growth/self-confidence

Graduating from college is a huge accomplishment. It requires dedication and hard work, and is not always easy to do. By completing this milestone, you gain a unique sense of fulfillment and pride. You will learn that you have a strong work ethic and are capable of accomplishing any goal you set. That feeling is indispensable–well deserved, as well!

It’s safe to say that getting a bachelor’s degree is well worth the time and effort. It is a highly valuable asset that can change your life in many different ways. Through earning your degree, you will earn more money, be able to pursue your passion and other careers, have self-confidence, and obtain important skills to utilize in your life and in your career.