Everything You Need to Know About a Career in Human Resources


If you’re thinking about going to college to study human resources, there are some important things you should know about the profession and what it entails. Here is your go-guide for everything you’ll need to know about working in human resources.

What is Human Resources?

Human resources (HR) is the part of an organization that manages its employees. The term “human resources” is an umbrella term and can refer to the people who work in the department or the department itself. This department is responsible for many different tasks, and is crucial to the effectiveness of an organization and how it is operated. Many companies have HR departments to ensure their employee concerns and relations are addressed properly. Individuals who work in HR are called Human Resource Professionals.

What do Human Resource Professionals do?

HR professionals facilitate the operations of a human resources department. The duties he or she may carry out include:

  • Hiring new employees: HR professionals hire new employees and complete the necessary paperwork for doing so. They can also handle the necessary training and placement of new employees. 
  • Addressing employee concerns: Current employees can present any concerns they may have about their job to the HR department, including pay, benefits, pension plan, and training. HR professionals are responsible for addressing these concerns and working with employers to solve them.
  • Managing departing employees: HR professionals facilitate and complete the necessary steps when an employee leaves, either by quitting, getting fired, or being laid off. 

All of these tasks are extremely important and necessary to the daily operations of a company or organization. These responsibilities often must meet specific legal standards and routines, so it is critical that an HR professional must be knowledgeable about these operations and have at least a Bachelor’s degree in human resources. Additionally, individuals in this profession often have a skillset that will help them be efficient in their job, including:

  • Communication skills: HR professionals communicate daily between employers and employees. They must be able to communicate effectively to resolve any conflicts and relay important information. HR professionals must also be able to have effective written communication skills as well.
  • Leadership skills: Being able to lead a team is a very important part of working in human resources. They are responsible for guiding an employee base, so they must be able to effectively lead a team. 
  • Organizational skills: It’s very important for HR professionals to be well-organized and able to mult-task. After all, a large part of an HR professional’s job is to organize a large group of employees. They must also be able to organize their time effectively.

How to Become an HR Professional

HR professionals must have at least a bachelor’s degree in human resources or a related field, such as business or communications. Some HR professionals obtain certifications that may make them more qualified for certain positions, but it is generally not required. 


Human resources is a very necessary aspect to the success of any business. These departments are designed to make an organization run as efficiently as possible, for both employers and employees. Human resource professionals are an integral part of that process.