employer tuition reimbursement policy

How To Establish a Tuition Reimbursement Program

In today’s job market, candidates are seeking out job opportunities that have a wide range of benefits and growth potential. As a company, it is important to hire employees who are motivated to work and likely to remain loyal to your organization. One of the most effective ways to ensure employee retention is by establishing […]

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Ask Operation Graduate – how tuition reimbursement benefits employers?

Employers across the country are facing hiring challenges and even though life may seem like it is getting back to normal, employers must find ways to attract employees and keep them. Perhaps one advice given to prospective employees should be look beyond the salary – does your comprehensive benefits package include an employer tuition reimbursement […]

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What Does Operation Graduate Do For Businesses

Operation Graduate brings education assistance as an employee benefit to companies at no cost. Companies can reduce turnover, lower absenteeism, and drive higher rates of promotion. We help employees find high quality degree programs that are cost effective, convenient, and career oriented though our network of nonprofit university partners. We even provide scholarships to make […]

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