Operation Graduate vs. Capella University

Operation Graduate vs Capella University

Going back to college as an adult is a big decision that requires a lot of thought and consideration. For example, what program should I study? What kind of degree should I get? And, most importantly, what college should I attend?

Many working adults choose to attend online university so they balance their academics with their busy schedules. Online colleges, such as our academic network, can be a great option for thousands of adults. It’s important to weigh your options when making this decision.

What is the cost of tuition at Capella University?

The average cost of tuition per year at Capella University is $16,545 after aid. Before financial aid, the average cost of tuition is $21,042.

Operation Graduate’s Academic Network’s average yearly tuition is $28,000.

What is Capella University’s acceptance rate?

Because Capella University is a for-profit university, its acceptance rate is 100%.

Operation Graduate’s Academic Network’s acceptance rate is 94%.

What is Capella University’s graduation rate?

The graduation rate for Capella University is 19%. The national average college graduation rate is about 35%.

Operation Graduate’s Academic Network’s graduation rate is 35%.

How many programs does Capella University have?

Capella University offers 52 programs.

Operation Graduate’s Academic Network offers 90 programs.

What kind of campus is Capella University?

A large majority of Capella University’s programs are fully online, but in-person classes are also available.

Operation Graduate’s Academic Network is fully online.

Is Capella University for-profit or non-profit?

Capella University is a private, for-profit university.

Operation Graduate’s Academic Network is private and non-profit.

Does Capella University offer scholarships?

Capella University offers up to $2,500 in scholarships.

Operation Graduate’s Academic Network offers up to $15,000 on average in scholarships.

Is Capella University accredited?

Capella University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

Operation Graduate’s Academic Network is also accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

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