How can my company afford
Operation Graduate?

Operation Graduate brings no cost Education Assistance as an employee benefit to companies. Reduce turnover, lower absenteeism, and drive higher rates of promotion. Help employees find high quality degree programs that are cost effective, convenient, and career oriented though our network of non-profit university partners. We even provide scholarships to make college more accessible and affordable. With more and more companies offering education benefits to all levels of workers, we have a unique, turnkey model to immediately get you in the game or enhance an existing education benefit.

Macro Trends

How is your company competing for talent in a tight labor market?


7M job openings,
6M unemployed
source: US Department of Labor December 2018


Lowest unemployment rate in 50 years
source: April 2019,


75% millennials think job hopping is good for career
source: Robert Half 2018 survey


50%+ of companies offer some form of tuition assistance to compete for talent


Education assistance programs can generate 84% ROI
source: Lumina Foundation + Accenture


50%+ of companies offer some form of tuition assistance to compete for talent


Education assistance programs can generate 84% ROI (1)

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We go beyond
tuition assistance

We seamlessly step in with student support, actively manage college partners, and increase the value of your company’s education benefit.


20% Greater Retention

OPERATION GRADUATE DATA supports that retention of students that are engaged and supported by our coaches is 20% greater than the norm.


Less than comparable colleges

TUITION COSTS for students supported by Operation Graduate can be as much as 50% less than other colleges in similar tier.


Operation Graduate is easy

WITH OUR SIMPLE PROCESS, Operation Graduate makes it easy for you to get started pursuing your degree. Let us show you!

How does it work?


MANY COMPANIES see the value in helping employees complete a degree. But, it’s either too expensive to offer tuition assistance or too complicated to help the employee through this process. We get it. That’s why we created Operation Graduate as a benefit to offer employees.

We’ll show you how easy it is to get started!


WE MAKE IT EASY for your company to participate in the program. You can get started immediately with our base level company package. All the promotional materials are a mouse-click away. You can sign up in a day, and roll out this benefit to your employees in less than a week.

What are you waiting for?


COMPANIES EARN A SUBSTANTIAL RETURN if they provide matching funds. We match up to a lifetime max of $4,000 with our own co-branded scholarship.

Not ready to match? Don’t worry, you can still get started! We’ll provide all your employees with a $3,000 co-branded scholarship (lifetime). You can decide later if you want to match.

We co-brand all scholarships so you can take credit!

Our Secret?

We are funded by our non-profit college partners. They share in our mission to help adult students successfully complete a college degree! That’s how we bring Operation Graduate to you at no cost!

You can start today!

Operation Graduate makes it easy. Call (844) 674.7232 today.

1) Lumina Foundation + Accenture